Landing Pages, what are they?

Think of it as golf,  a landing page would be the green where you first drive the ball to. After that, you got to make the putt and get it into the hole. The green is the place you sent prospective customers to and convenience them to buy your product or service . The goal of the text content and design of the landing page is to get the prospective client to buy.

Landing page are designed with focus on your ‘Desired response,’ such as a click through to an offer or the capture of a web visitor’s name and email address. The term ‘conversion’ refers to successfully achieving your most wanted response. Therefore, the most important aspect of pay per view marketing is your conversion rate, defined as the number of people who perform a specific action on your web page.

The following are some powerful landing page strategies used by professional PPV and CPV marketers to increase their web page conversion rates:

1. Marketing Lead Generation

Most successful pay per view marketers have a way to capture the user’s contact information on their web pages. Strong lead capture forms give the user several good reasons to share their contact information such as offering them a free information report, a free product trial, or a free piece of software.

If you are interested in marketing cost per action affiliate programs on The Internet, you might want to try pay per lead affiliate programs, which are easier to find success with, because a web visitor simply needs to enter their zip code or email address in order for you to get paid. There is no credit card required.

2. Advanced, Interactive Lead Generation

Many successful pay per view marketers cleverly design their lead capture forms as a customer quiz, a poll, or even as a mini survey.

You might design a quiz that scores the user’s eating habits and tells them their Food IQ if you are actively marketing in the health food or weight loss niche. At the very end of the brief survey, you could tell the potential customer that you will send their Food IQ score to their e-mail address, and that would effectively subscribe them to your segmented mailing list. That would be a clever strategy.

3. Highly Creative Landing Page Designs

Some pay per view marketers have found success by designing their web lead generation pages to look like giant coupons. Others get good results by making their web page appear like a professional journalist’s news story. Some copy the look and feel of popular video sharing sites or even the design of major search engines. Some others design their landing pages like a giant warning message, to effectively grab reader attention by using a stop sign or the word ‘WARNING’ in prominently large font, red letters.

The psychological concept and ‘trigger mechanism’ behind your specific page design can vastly increase your conversion rate. It is worth spending some time planning and thinking about what kind of landing page will cause people to stop in their tracks and absorb your copy instead of skipping your advertisement out of habit.

4. Grabbing A Reader’s Full Attention

If your newly designed landing page fails to seize the potential customer’s attention, he or she will not absorb the brilliant sales copy you slaved away at and worked so hard on. So here are three main ways you can grab a web visitor’s attention:

i) The use of a colorful and curiosity-evoking image
ii) The use of an intense, high impact video
iii) A very strong, benefit-promising headline

The very best converting PPV landing pages are simple, focused and quickly convey a clear sales message. People generally refuse to read large condensed blocks of text to find out what you are selling them, unless of course you successfully capture their attention, interest and emotional desires first.

5. Provide Promise in a Great Headline

Perhaps the best headline this writer has ever seen was Clayton Makepeace’s ‘End Heart Worries.’
A strong pay per view headline is very short and attention-grabbing and it promises the reader that continuing to read further will help them to solve a problem that is bothering them, or to achieve a goal such as a higher level of income.

In fast moving, Internet based advertising, you do need to capture the reader’s attention extremely quickly, like in two to three seconds and give them a sound, benefit-based reason why they should continue to absorb your marketing message. It must be real and not based upon deception. There are thousands of competitors in your niche just waiting to take your place and to present their competing offer.

6. The Use Of White Space

Contrast is effective, so do be sure to leave some empty, white space around your headline and your image for emphasis. A bright, red headline that contrasts with the rest of the page often works best by boosting your conversion rate.

7. Selecting An Effective Image

Choose an image that will fascinate the visitor enough to read the landing page’s headline and body copy. Display a highly desirable object or end-state they want in their life or even show a picture of somebody prominent who has already achieved the very goal they want to achieve for themselves.

8. Split Test Different Versions Of Landing Pages

Frequently test two versions of your web sales pages against each other for response and conversion rates. Then continue by testing the best-converting web page against a totally new page. Continuous testing is a key part of any type of direct response advertising. You cannot work out a probable response rate in your head using psychological magic and witch doctor methods. Only testing will prove to you exactly what works.

9. Notes On Some Further Variables For Testing

Some variables you should test for response include different landing page fonts and formats, different headlines, classes of images, varying color schemes and calls to action.

A high converting PPV or CPV landing-page will create a lot of leads and sales for your business. However, the constant process of testing a new website page against a previous best or ‘control’ landing page will bring increasing profit and real wealth to your online enterprise.