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.htaccess Tricks

The most common question i get is “How do i redirect my site?”. The answer is simple : “.htacess rules”.

There are several reasons why a redirect should be done , the most important being change of URL. When you rename a file or move it to another folder the link is lost because search engines might have already crawled your site and are still pointing to the old file-name or location.  This would lead to a nasty 404 error, unless ofcouse we add a .htaccess redirect.

Here’s how it’s done. create a new file with the name “.htaccess” and add the following:

Redirect 301 /OLD-FILENAME.html http://www.MYDOMAIN.COM/NEW-FILENAME.html

Landing Pages, what are they?

Think of it as golf,  a landing page would be the green where you first drive the ball to. After that, you got to make the putt and get it into the hole. The green is the place you sent prospective customers to and convenience them to buy your product or service . The goal of the text content and design of the landing page is to get the prospective client to buy.

Landing page are designed with focus on your ‘Desired response,’ such as a click through to an offer or the capture of a web visitor’s name and email address. The term ‘conversion’ refers to successfully achieving your most wanted response. Therefore, the most important aspect of pay per view marketing is your conversion rate, defined as the number of people who perform a specific action on your web page.

Tips for a successful Online Store

Planning before launching an Online Store.

Address your online business just like how you would plan any other business . When strategizing your business plan consider how your business works and how you’re going to build and update your website. You also have to think about how you’ll take payment.

The quickest way to manage everything is to start with off the shelf packages like Zencart for example. Shopping cart packages are well proven and will save you the trouble of testing a custom built package. Off the shelf packages are also cheaper and easily extend able with common extra requirements.

Sometimes you could have a idea so unique and may require full control over all aspects and features. In cases like theses a customised solutions may be the way to go.