Define Your Concept

Knowing that your developer understands your requirements is very important. At GIS we will work with to completely understand your requirements before starting on development.

Design Your Requirements

During this phase we will put together a basic plan to bring all of your requirements to life. While the plan is used as an overall guide to development, the methods we use to develop are very flexible should you change your mind on some of the finer details.

Develop Your Application

You will be able to work closely with us during this phase to ensure the application looks and works exactly the way you imagined. We will perform development, documentation and testing.

Deploy Your Website

During this stage we will deploy the application onto a test environment where you will be able to perform your final tests. If there are change requests or bug reports then we will return to the development phase.

Drive Your Business

Jump into the driver’s seat and start driving your online business! We develop using flexible methods to make future changes as easy as possible and we will work with you to grow your application with your business.

Contact Us to find out how easy it is to turn your ideas into working websites!